What’s in a name?

‘Armogan’ is an old French word once used by hardy sailors of the Mediterranean to describe good sailing conditions.

For us, this word represents a promise of movement and journeys into the unknown. A respect for the forces of nature, the environment around us. And a hint of nostalgia for a bygone age.

What better word to summarize our philosophy?

Our Story

Armogan, a Belgo-Luxembourg brand, was created in 2014. Combining the best of two backgrounds – the precision of ‘little Switzerland’ with Belgian design - Armogan’s mission is to create stylish men’s watches, inspired by the look and feel of navigational tools of the past, at prices that are accessible to the explorers of today.

At Armogan, we appreciate that time and resources are precious. So when bringing our designs to life, we use our creativity to bring something different to the (watchmaker’s) table. We place every single component and work on every little detail with the purpose of creating watches that are durable yet light, hard-wearing yet easy to wear, retro in style but totally modern.

Our dedication to quality extends also to our committed after-sales service, which ensures that Armogan watches can be worn year after year, adventure after adventure.

Ultimately, we take our time with the little things, so you can enjoy the big ones – be they crucial business deals or overland treks across unchartered territories.

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